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In the era of programmatic advertising, brands need help with digital asset production at scale.

We take the complexity out and make your marketing system flow across the customer journey.

Createch Garage is here to serve the modern-day marketing system with its arrays of digital assets across messages, formats and devices.

Rooted in an understanding of media and creative we understand consumer journeys and how to create the content that moves the consumer efficiently along.

We do not focus on strategy or creative concepts but on defining tactics that will bring these to life at scale in digital spaces. With the explosion of programmatic advertising and the possibility to target the consumer at the most opportune time, campaign assets now need to be specifically targeted an array of touchpoints across the customer journey.

This calls for new thinking and new ways of working. A new mix of talent is needed to deliver.


It is in the mix of creativity and technology that the works take place and where skilled craftsmanship must be applied – only then can we start to focus on magic to happen.

If you as a brand are not a digital innovator chances are that the tech needed to get your marketing system flowing is already out there and it “just” needs to be applied. Then production can start scaling.

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A garage reflects an attitude. Strong work ethics and not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

A garage is not a fancy place. It is efficient and though there is coffee available not many other overheads will be charged.

A garage is part of a community. In a perfect world, you trust the mechanic with your keys knowing that he can also get the paint job done.

And by the way, the world’s best companies started in a garage.



We need to rethink digital assets. Forget about banners and start thinking about inputs and dynamic creatives.

Our offering is based on understanding and operating tech across digital assets and apply these to a data-driven marketing system. We call this Programmatic Creative.

The inputs needed to succeed are changing all the time however digital design, video, motion graphic and copywriting remains crucial.

CreaTech Garage

Examples of services

Digital design

Design with a deep understanding and appreciation of dynamic creative.


Without short and concise copy only a few digital assets will ever deliver.

Motion graphic

Motion graphic makes the web go around or at least this is where the world is getting to.

Video Production

Editing, grading, effects, sound design and much more is what optimizes a film for its given canvas.


Understanding the consumer journey and mapping is our key to define what assets must be created.

Grid design

When working with dynamic creative optimization, a well thought-through grid design is essential.


At CreaTech Garage we are guided by three basic principles

  •     Deliver continued improvements
  •     Enable transparency
  •     Minimize overheads

By leveraging our customers tech stack and fuel with the Garage-principle we aim to redefine how brands work with a digital agency.

createch garage


The management of CreaTech Garage brings together a set of senior talent to deliver a modern-day digital agency.

Palle Diederichsen, Managing Director

15+ years in media and creative.
During his 5 years in London as an international executive for MediaCom Palle witnessed the overnight explosion in programmatic media buying and the creative challenges created by it. It is time that someone from the creative side tries to deliver truly great creatives to optimize clients spend.

Esben Hjort, Head of Design

As a multi creative Esben masters almost all creative crafts from concepting to filmmaking, but as a trained designer this is where his passion lies. Esben’s primary task is to combine design led creativity with an understanding of adtech.

Mads Piil, Head of Operations

Mads has 10+ years experience in recruiting and operating digital as well as content teams. Mads is our clients point of contact from initial scoping to delivery. His background as a Master in Law means he is very good at designing agreements that govern a partnership.

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