Createch Garage is here to serve the modern-day marketing system with its arrays of digital assets across messages, formats and devices.

Rooted in an understanding of media and creative, we understand consumer journeys and how to create content that moves the consumer efficiently along. We do not focus on strategy or creative concepts but on defining tactics that will bring these to life at scale in digital spaces. With the explosion of programmatic advertising and the possibility of targeting the consumer at the most opportune time, campaign assets now need to be specifically targeted an array of touchpoints across the customer journey.

It is in the mix of creativity and technology that work takes place and where skilled craftsmanship must be applied – only then can we start to focus on magic happening. Chances are that the tech needed to get your marketing system flowing is already available or out there, and it “just” needs to be applied. If not, something new might need to be developed but most often this is not the case. Once the tech stack is established, a delivery system can be defined and then production can start scaling.
A garage reflects an attitude, strong work ethics and not being afraid of getting your hands dirty. A garage is not a fancy place. It is efficient and even though there is coffee available, not a lot of overheads will be charged. A garage is part of a community. In a perfect world, you trust the mechanic with your car keys, knowing that he can also get the paint job done. And by the way, the world’s best companies started in a garage.